Diversify is the best way

Let’s start talking about savings, besides giving you money every year, still sets over the years.

Savings is an investment for long periods, so a person with conservative profile does not have to worry about selling stock, just buy the market to build a heritage with the only concern to choose a company that pays enough dividends, based 10% per year .
If your profile is more aggressive, take risks and higher rewards, buy and sell stocks projecting an expected profit. Analyzing s recent deals closed and the trend of high or low, we define whether other investors are more likely to buy or sell.

Finally, the ideal is you have a stable portfolio, where there are profits but long-term portfolios and other risks and higher dividends where you can achieve great gains to follow the market.

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Classes and Objects in C# – Part 3

Hello again, This time I post the next video of classes and objects in C#.

This video is about the encapsulation, where anybody can edit the value of the variables, let’s see !

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Real estate funds – What is ? How investing ?

Hi again, now I insert a video about real estate funds, you will learning how investing, how utilizing in your investment of porfolio, what is your riks and others questions.

Now, it’s only thinking and investing.

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How using classes and objects in C#

Hi, this time I insert a video of C#. This video are about classes and objetcs, there is a example of how using in your program.

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