Understanding and writing his first method in C #

As we are developing our code, we realize that they can be divided according to their functionality. By carrying out this division, we are actually creating blocks of code that perform a certain task. And we found that these code blocks can be reused often in the same program. Thus, the mechanism used to trigger the execution of code blocks is given the name of the method (or function in languages ​​such as C and C + +).

A method in its simplest form, is just a set of instructions that can be called from a program of strategic locations. Here’s an example:
/ / A method that takes no arguments
/ / And returns no value
static void method () {
Console.WriteLine (“I am a method”);
This method only displays the text “I’m a method.” See the use of braces {and} to delimit the area of ​​operation of the method (the method body). The keyword void indicates that this method returns no value at the end of its execution while the static keyword is best explained in our section on modifiers in C #. All methods in C # have brackets, which serve as markers for the list of method parameters. Empty parentheses indicate that the method has no parameters.

Listen now to a full code snippet illustrating the call to the newly created:
/ / A method that takes no arguments
/ / And returns no value
static void method () {
Console.WriteLine (“I am a method”);

static void Main (string [] args) {
/ / Make a call to the method
method ();

Console.WriteLine (“\ n \ nPress a key to exit …”);
Console.ReadKey ();


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How to analyze stock charts

Crack the key terms used in quarterly and annual financial reports of companies

With an eye on the charts


The lower limit of the price of a stock can reach to get the price recovery. It means that the price may have fallen too, reached rock bottom. This plot point is considered the best time to buy the paper.


Limit higher than the price of an action can achieve. This point of the graph shows that the role has had a great recovery and can start to fall. This is the time indicated to sell the stock and pocket the profit.


The price change in the role as a trend of high or low. They vary the period of analysis: longer (over one year), medium (few months) and short-term (weeks).

With an eye on the fundamentals


Projection of the stock price consistent with its economic fundamentals such as future cash flow and potential of the sector. For analysts, is the potential for price appreciation in 12 months.


Analysts indicate whether it is time to buy, sell or hold the paper in the wallet.


Estimate of how the action will pay dividends. The rate is considered ideal value of 6% ??per year.


Practice good relations with the market, to ensure equality between the minority and majority shareholders, transparency in management and information about the results.


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Everybody together

Differences aside some believe it is best to reconcile the two methods, regardless of the duration of the investment. Professor Ricardo Almeida uses this strategy when it comes to managing your portfolio. Thebasic principle is: the more information the better security to make their choices. One option is to buy a stockwith reference to the fundamentals of the company. After the graphics can help identify the best time to buy or sell. Technical analysis shows that the investment phase of the cycle is the bag.

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