Select in list of Elements (WebDriver)

How can I do a select in a list of elements with some attributes in equal. This is simple, like a query in SQL:

First you have to create a enumerable of WebElements:

Enumerable<WebElement> list = from item in bsaNavigator.FindElements(By.TagName(“span“)).ToList()   // the list of elements are span or td, or whatever you want. With Xpath, or id… you will decide .

where item.GetAttribute(“class“).Contains(“rmText“)  &&  item.Text.Equals(“TextElement“.ToString())  //this is the condition that you will make, like every elements of span who have the attribute of the class have contains the text “rmText” and the Text is equals a something you need.

select item; // select the item with the conditions

WebElement Element = list.FirstOrDefault();  // catch the first element of the list with selects.
Element.Click();    // the action or whatever you want do with the element.

Simple and very usefull !!

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Context click with actions (WebDriver)

Hello !!


Do you need simulate a context click (right-click) in some element ?

With the lib actions is simple. First you need import the actions of java and after


Actions actions = new Actions(driver);     //Instance the Actions

WebElement Element = driver.findElement(“ID“)); // find the element and put is in a variable

actions.ContextClick(Element).Perform(); // position the mouse over the element and context click it.


Just this, in some cases you have put a speed more lower or a wait element os something like that to work well.


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