New version XCode 6 – Error with Calabash 0.9.169

Hi guys, to everyone is having this problem I just have the solution for the moment, we are waiting the new release of calabash/Xcode with the issues fixed.

Error when update the Xcode to 6 and maintain calabash 0.9.169:

WARN: expected Xcode instruments version to be ‘5.1’ or ‘5.1.1’ 
        but found version ‘6.0’

        Gem needs a manual update for Xcode 6.0! 

Unable to find AutomationInstrument.bundle (RuntimeError)
I tried update the calabash to “0.10.0.pre1” but I still found problems… So I just reinstall the XCode 5 until they fix the problems:


Download Xcode 5 and reinstall:

If you still having problems, download the project and run both scripts as sudo

So, we are tracking this bug and I hope the solution come fast 🙂