Desired capabilities Webdriver – Ignore security in browser

Hello again, I had some codes to show you !

Like this one, when you have some problem with the certificate page, or proxy, or another security problem, you can put this code forĀ initialiseĀ the webdriver. Before you code anything, you have to start the webdriver and config this one, you can use this config for start the webdriver with the config of all security is off.

In this example I use the IE 9 and platform windows like the default browser:

DesiredCapabilities capabilities = new DesiredCapabilities(“Internet Explorer”, “9”, Platform.WINDOWS);
capabilities.setCapability(“ignoreProtectedModeSettings”, true);
capabilities.setCapability(“ensureCleanSession”, true);
capabilities.setCapability(InternetExplorerDriver.INTRODUCE_FLAKINESS_BY_IGNORING_SECURITY_DOMAINS, true);
WebDriver driver = new InternetExplorerDriver(capabilities);


Bye bye !!

When you have error in certificate in some webpage (Selenium and Java)

Hello, now I will post the command, or better the page that you have to open after of open some page that have an error in the certificate.

In WebDriver you have to open this way:


Send a command in javascript to open the page with the error of certificate.

Bye bye !!