What is risk for you ?

In discussions about the better strategies for application in published papers offered in Tesouro Direto (Treasury direct), I give my opinion if the investor wanted maximum safety, the better choose was invest in LFT, because the payment of title is adjusted by Selic rate in each meeting of Banco Central Copom. My thesis was that risk is the chance of suffer a unexpected lost in investments if goes obliged to leave the application in a bad moment. So, the LFT is a title with the less risk.

For to base my conclusion, I was showing with the daily variation of LFT with maturity in 03/07/2015, from september/2010 until november/2011. Note that each meeting of Copom the baseline of daily profitability of title varies, in line with the new basic rate of interest.

Many up a point also interesting, by emphasizing that, in reality, the risk that exist in fixed income applications in Tesouro Direto is the possibility commit some mistake in choose of the papers and lose money. This way, argued that, instead of manage by yourserlves a wallet of public titles, the application less risky was choose a good investment fund, that levied rate of manage sufficiently low.

In the End, after many discussions and with four interesting chooses, the solution of consensus was diversify the applications, building on investments goals and the specific way how each one faces the possibility of losses in your heritage.

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What says the fundaments ?

The season of divulgation of results of financials is Waited traded company with market’s anxiety for professionals. The balance is the main source of information analysis fundaments.
With the numbers it is possible to assess the borrowing capacity, cash flow and profit. But the document is not the only tool. To complete a report on a particular company, this group of professionals follows several steps, some quite complex. They consider the impact of the economic situation nationally and internationally in the company box. A fall in oil demand in Asia could affect Petrobras and, consequently, their actions. Fundamentalists still study the sector in which the company operates, its growth trend, competition and investment in the area. We also scour the company’s management, the ability of administrators and quality of the relationship with shareholders. Made all such assessments, fundamental analysts use statistical tools to check the stock price. One of the most used indicators is the so-called Price / earnings ratio (current share price divided by annual net income). You have to compare this indicator with the P / E sector.

If the action is below the average for the segment, you may be cheap. In fundamental analysis, no indicator is interpreted in isolation. In the case of a company with a P / E below average, the analyst will investigate whether the paper is really cheap or if the company is unable to monitor the sector. Professor Ricardo Almeida, Ibmec, explains that the tests are made with current information. It is different from ca Accents, designing a performance for the history of role behavior on the floor. One of the important items of a landmark report is the price target company’s share, which is its potential for high, usually in 12 months. To understand these tests you must have a vision of business manager, which is not always easy for the investor. Therefore, it is recommended to take questions or an opinion questioning the author of the report. The contacts of the analysts in general are at the end of the document.

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