Find Elements with different ways

Two different ways for find a element of a list in a page with WebDriver:

To find a element that inside in a span css and contains some text, you can use the lambda and catch the array for this elements: 

> Lambda expression
bsaNavigator.FindElements(By.TagName(“span“)).Where(o => o.Text == “@Text“).ToList()

Or you can select the element, like SQl expression, remember of change the variables and the type of the source (span, div, table, tr and others). @Text is the variable that you will search in this span elements .

> Linq
var spans = from p in bsaNavigator.FindElements(By.TagName(“span“)) where p.Text == “@Text” select p;


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LINQ to SQL Overview

Hello again, happy new year!
In this video, you will heard how insert, select and delete some lines utilizing C# in databate of SQL.

Any question ? It’s very simple when you can follow the steps of this video.

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