What is risk for you ?

In discussions about the better strategies for application in published papers offered in Tesouro Direto (Treasury direct), I give my opinion if the investor wanted maximum safety, the better choose was invest in LFT, because the payment of title is adjusted by Selic rate in each meeting of Banco Central Copom. My thesis was that risk is the chance of suffer a unexpected lost in investments if goes obliged to leave the application in a bad moment. So, the LFT is a title with the less risk.

For to base my conclusion, I was showing with the daily variation of LFT with maturity in 03/07/2015, from september/2010 until november/2011. Note that each meeting of Copom the baseline of daily profitability of title varies, in line with the new basic rate of interest.

Many up a point also interesting, by emphasizing that, in reality, the risk that exist in fixed income applications in Tesouro Direto is the possibility commit some mistake in choose of the papers and lose money. This way, argued that, instead of manage by yourserlves a wallet of public titles, the application less risky was choose a good investment fund, that levied rate of manage sufficiently low.

In the End, after many discussions and with four interesting chooses, the solution of consensus was diversify the applications, building on investments goals and the specific way how each one faces the possibility of losses in your heritage.

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