Cucumber – First Steps

Hello Guys !

I hope that you didn’t had any problem with installation, BUT how I had, I will put some solutions and some things that I discovered using everyday.

1 – The calabash don’t support IOS 7, you have to start with instruments (But I still didn’t get) and nevertheless you can’t use the tool record and play for the drag gesture.

2 – If your app isn’t generated in the root folder, you have to write in the inside the Support’s folder where is your app builded with framework. Like, I generated with my user, rafaela, so the initial folder is: Users/rafaela/Library… and for calabash find the app alone, you have to builded the app in /var/root/Library….

3 – When I have to start the app with console, I have to write the folder where it is, for the same reasons in the step before, like: APP_BUNDLE_PATH=”XXX/XxxxxX/DerivedData/” calabash-ios console