Search a attribute that contains a word in Selenium RC


Today I started post everything that I have learned in the work.

This time I will post the last thing and most usefully command that I learned.

selenium.getAttribute(“id=Element@style“).contains(“display: inline“)

You need to change the bold words, in the first word, you have to change the locator (id, xpath, class, name, link and others). After this you have to change the name of locator respectivally.

Just note that after the locator we have @style this is the attribute in the element that we will catch. Could be @class, or @title, anything and stay in the final of locator separates with @.

In contains, you can change for the tag you need find, like I want the element, whom style contains a display: inline, could be text=’something’ or value=’something’. Like this, simple doesn’t ?

Bye bye 🙂