2022 – End of the year learnings

Finally this year is over ! I have done a lot of things, mostly of them were solving problems that arose all of the sudden, but I’m mostly grateful for everything that I have been through, even the shit shows that happened. You know what people say, good times are great, but bad times help you to build character.

I finally was able to go to San Francisco Bay Area for an entrepreneurship course at Draper University that I’ve signed up for before the pandemic to focus on my new/old goal.

It has been a tornado of things to learn/refresh my mind, but here are some things that I took from this first week:

  • Never travel with tight connections. But when you do attach an airtag to your luggage! And in case your luggage gets lost, buy second hand or clothes that you can return.
    • Aer Lingus lost my bag during a connection in Dublin to San Francisco, it was 3 weeks without my clothes, not a really nice experience.
  • Everybody is in a different stage and journey in life, don’t feel demotivated by others. NO MATTER WHAT.
  • Keep learning (This is my every day reminder)
  • Make real connections with genuine good-quality people and life becomes more joyful even when things are difficult. Also, it is way easier to learn from people like this.
  • Observe and listen more than speak. (Every day reminder as well, but I am more a listener than a talker since I can remember)
  • Travelling by yourself is amazing (not new, but for all the people out there that are afraid to try, GO FOR IT)
  • Build your network independently if they are only virtual connections (for now) or not.
    • C’mon we have enough tools nowadays to allow us to drink some wine together with a friend on the other side of the world.
  • If you are at the beginning of your journey, look for mentorship and advice. Knowledge saves loads of time.
    • But be careful and look for real mentors, there are plenty of frauds around there.I can keep a healthy mindset in my old age to listen to others no matter their level. ❤️
  • Be a rebel ! (Another reminder, sorry mom haha)
  • Don’t wait too long and just do it, but also enjoy the journey.
  • Flying cars are real and they are available for sale already.
  • Don’t trust on those water-resisting plastic bags for your mobile ! The water is going to come inside even if you are in the shallow part !!
  • Have a dash cam on your car !
  • Have backups when you travel ! A backup phone and maybe even a paper with important phone numbers on your wallet (Don’t trust in tech that much)
  • Stay far from negative and prepotent people, but not too far. I believe they help you to build emotional intelligence, you have the power to decide if what they say is going to be the fuel for you to progress or if you are going to allow them to drag you down. Transform the judgemental comments into constructive feedback and ignore the rest.

And last just sharing my 360 review result, for all the people that have helped me with this, my big thanks. Looks like all this time interested in communication styles and human behaviour made me a more self aware person and I am not an asshole after all 😂