Test Strategy Templates

Hello people,
Following up these meetups: Developing a Test Strategy and Desenvolvendo uma Estratégia de Testes, I realised it would be useful to share some templates and examples that I have seen in my previous projects.
Every company/project adapted this document and had their own template. There is no right or wrong as long as you have the needed information there to the best of your knowledge at the time is okay.


Template 1


Template 2


Template 3


Template 4


Template 5


You can mix them, pick one session from one and another session from the other, feel free to create your own Test Strategy according to what you need !

Developing a Test Strategy

Hello everybody,

In case you have missed here it is the link for the meetup about Developing a Test Strategy 30/07/2020.


If you can speak portuguese and don’t feel comfortable with english yet you can also watch the portuguese version here: