Test Automation Obstacles On Demand

Hey guys, today I will post a webinar that I’ve watched last week. It’s about the challenges of test automation:

  • Collaboration
    • Daniel explains that is easy to ask developers to write test automation and for this reason, it’s better to¬†choose the same language of the developers
    • Assign an owner for the digital test coverage but keep the conversation open to all teams
  • Tools
  • Reports
  • Flows
  • Time
  • False negatives
  • Stability
    • Object identification is the key for robust automation
    • Assure proper Error handling
  • Security
    • Networks
    • Orientation
    • Location
    • Notifications
    • Events
    • Device events

Here is the video, but you can have a look on the slides on the link below:

Source: http://info.perfectomobile.com/Overcoming-Test-Automation-Obstacles-On-Demand-Replay.html?mkt_tok=eyJpIjoiTkRKaVlUY3lZbVk0TTJaaiIsInQiOiJZV2w2VWtxMkk0a214d29ETmNvaFpodENQeHllTUcrMkYycU05bEV1WmhIYzQyUTBhS3NoRjA5TFFuTTN6S3NcL1ZPaDQ1YWtBNmRSZDRcLyt4eVdyVk5ES1FBS0MrWVwvSU5WUGZVZ0VwVGI1ST0ifQ%3D%3D