Decision Making: Equality and relational operators

This section introduces C#’s if structure, wich allows a program to make a decision based on the truth or falsity of some condition. If the condition is met (i.e., the condition is true), the statement in the body of the if structures executes. If the condition is not met (i.e., the condition is false), the body statement does not execute.

Standart algebraic equality operator or relational operator C# equality or relational operator Example of C# condition Meaning of C# condition


== X == y

X is equal to y



X != y

X is not equal to y



X > y

X is greater than y



X < y

X is less than y



X >= y

X is greater than or equal to y
≀ <= X <=y

X is less than or equal to y

Sources:Β  C# for experienced programmers – Deitel Developers series

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