How to choose a broker to invest

You pass the order of sale and the company – more specifically your broker – runs. Therefore, the choice of broker may influence the whole experience then the short and medium term.


She is a member of the Bovespa?

Look for a broker between the various members who are on the Bovespa. If any company the search, check first whether it is part of the list.

What is the minimum to register?

Not all brokers operate with low and certainly all operate with high values. But it is certainly with a little research, you will find a perfect quality for your profile.

What are the costs?

Each broker has a different cost policy. Look for one that fits your profile. I chose the 2% levy on the movement of securities for sale to R $ 498.62 and the rate drops to the limit of 0.5% in that values โ€‹โ€‹approaching ยฃ 3029.

These percentages are important, if at all – in my case – I have an income below 2% at some point, this is not enough to be worth I sell the stock that resulted.

A fictional example:

At one point, some of my shares worth $ 100 rose 2%. Now I have $ 102. If I sell them, the broker will get ยฃ 2.04.

Hey! That was my profit!

Got it?

Be aware that some brokers give up and keeps a percentage of the value set very low which may seem advantageous at first, but charge a flat monthly fee, a custody fee of shares or a dormant account fee – for those who want long term investing is not advantageous. The cheap can be expensive.

Which member of the bureaucracy of a broker?

It is much easier and faster to open an account at a bank (But of course you will have already have a bank account). In fact it is so easy you’ll wonder why you did it before and continues with interest of less than 12% per year in savings and having to face the queue.


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