What does the graph

The technical part of the historical price of a stock or a stock index arranged in a graph. From there, the trends are drawn from the behavior of this role within the statistical logic. “Can you identify the best time and price to undo or make a position in the stock market,” said analyst Erich Accents co Beletti, partner in the firm Connection BR, São Paulo.

For the Bovespa index, main index of Bovespa, you need fi car an eye on two indicators, or points on the graph: strength and support. Currently, according to analysts, the index is in congestion, a term used to interpret the charts without definition, is impossible to identify a direction, as happened in the first week of February.

In the graph of the Bovespa index, the 43 000 points are considered an important point of resistance. “The rate at this level have difficulty to continue rising,” he says. But if you break the barrier, perfect, has a chance to appreciate up to 53 000 points.However, if fails, it tends to fall by close to 36 500 points, which is considered the cradle.

On that score, it is possible to reverse the trend towards a higher gear. “It could be an interesting time to buy the parts,” says Erich. The graph points can act as a compass to track the risks of trading, indicating opportunities for buying and selling. The positions are made on the basis of the scores of papers. Many investors do not know chartists card carrying the name of the company they invest in the short term, because they consider only the performance of the quotation. At that time, stars appear in world capital markets, such as financier George Soros, who gained fame for his style of trading on international stock exchanges, in order to make quick profits and little time getting to the shares in the portfolio.

Font:  http://vocesa.abril.com.br/organize-suas-financas/materia/como-analisar-graficos-acoes-492599.shtml#

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