The best actions of 2011

ON Cielo, with profitability in the year of 48% by the 25th of November was the second most profitable Ibovespa in 2011, second only to Redecard ON, with 49%.

Reporting by Luciana Monteiro and Daniel Camba, of Value, listed the shares comprising the main stock index had positive returns in that year, despite a drop of about 20% of the market as a whole.

An interesting point about the performance of Cielo ON, and six other stocks that were among the 10 most profitable in total period of eleven months it was considered incomplete in the analysis of the report, is that none of them managed to win the title of best action performance of a closed month that ultimately formed the entire period.

In the group of roles in more profitable years, Redecard ON was the champion in July, Cia Hering ON had the best performance in the months of March and April and Ambev PN beat all the others in August.

In January, February, May, June, October and November (up to 25 days), the actions that had the best monthly performance did not appear among the 10 most profitable year, when the calculation took into account the full term.

ON Usiminas was the best in January, LLX ON in February, American Stores PN in May, Sugar Loaf PN in June, Embraer ON in September, JBS ON, in October, and Marfrig ON in November. Note that none of them accumulates positive returns in 2011.

The relevance of this finding, and serves as a good guide to their investments in stocks, is that consistency of performance is critical in the long run. More important than choosing the action with the best value in a given month (or any other period) is to invest in those that consistently deliver above average earnings. But it is not easy.

See, for example, the case of Marfrig ON. Although the paper have been among the 10 most profitable of eleven months analyzed, significant losses between August and September wiped out the gains accrued in the remaining months.

Therefore, to enhance the success of their investments in stocks, set a strategy for long-term investment tips and avoid the short term, which in most cases, undermine the profitability of its investments and its strategy away from you.



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