What is more gainful ? Rent or buy a house ?

Hello everybody !

A long time that I don’t post anything. I’m so sorry I was very occupied in last month, I changed my job and I was in exams period.

So.. I read a book the title is “Smart Couples enrich together”, it’s about where and when you and your husband/boyfriend should invest for win more interest.

In first example, if you have a lot of money like $100,000 in some fund that gives you a interest rate of 1.0%, you will receive $1,000 of interest, and this number will grow up because it is interest above interest and amount.

Yes in this case, you can choose what is better for you and your plan, because you can pay the rent of a house with interest and continue saving money and your amount +  interest will continue grow up, in the future you can buy a biggest house, or go to travel, or retire yourself and don’t work anymore.

If you think in buy some house and rent, you have to think what is more gainful. When you rent a house if the price of the house is $100,000, you will retrieve something about $800, and you have to remember that you have to pay the income taxes.

So, if you save the money in some fund that gives a interest of 1.0% is more gainful that you buy a house and rent it.

It’s a simple example, but helped me a lot in a decision of buy a house or rent one. I will search some fund that gives me a better interest rate and how I don’t have hurry for live alone, I will let the money to yield for me more money.

Goodbye ! I hope this tip helps everyone !