Introducing a BDD

Hello, my friends ! Look what I’ve found. A simple text about tests in BDD (Behavior Driven Development). It is very interesting and usefully.



Test method names should be sentences

My first “Aha!” moment occurred as I was being shown a deceptively simple utility called agiledox, written by my colleague, Chris Stevenson. It takes a JUnit test class and prints out the method names as plain sentences, so a test case that looks like this:

public class CustomerLookupTest extends TestCase {
    testFindsCustomerById() {
    testFailsForDuplicateCustomers() {

renders something like this:

- finds customer by id
- fails for duplicate customers
- ...

The word “test” is stripped from both the class name and the method names, and the camel-case method name is converted into regular text. That’s all it does, but its effect is amazing.

Developers discovered it could do at least some of their documentation for them, so they started to write test methods that were real sentences. What’s more, they found that when they wrote the method name in the language of the business domain,the generated documents made sense to business users, analysts, and testers.”



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