What Automatize, what don’t Automatize, Objectives and Benefits of Automation

Hello guys, I feeling need of explain about what is the objectives in automation.

So let’s go !

Objectives of Automation

  • Testing and automation have different objectives
  • Run regression tests overnight and weekends
  • Reduce testing staff
  • Find more bugs
  • Reduce elapsed time for testing
  • Automate x% of the testing (Yes, DON’T automates 100% every time, because neither ever it is possible automate everything)
  • If useful tests, then making use of under-used resource is a good idea
  • Run most important tests using spare resource (top 10% of usefulness rating, run out of hours)
  • Find more regression bugs (measured by increase in DDP of regression tests by 10% over 6 months)
  • Reduce elapsed time of tool-supported activities (measured for maintenance & failure analysis time)
  • Improve automation support for testers (testers rate usefulness of automation support, how often utilities/automation features are used)
  • Remember: Good objectives for automation are: measurable, realistic and achievable
  • Improve the completeness and consistency

What automatize ?

  • Regression Test
  • Smoke Tests
  • Repeated Tasks
  • Mathematical Calculations
  • Critical Functionalities

What don’t automatize ?

  • Prototypes
  • Functionality that are little used
  • Functionality that needs visual inspection
  • New Functionalities

Benefits of Automation

Automation offers system-wide and network-wide benefits by simplifying your operating environment. You can reduce the amount of manual intervention required to manage operating systems, subsystems, application programs, network devices, and many other products.

The need to simplify operations increases as you add hardware and software products to your data center, data centers to your network, and personnel to your data-processing staff. By simplifying your operations, NetView automation can help you meet required service levels, contain costs, and make efficient use of your operation staff.

NetView automation helps you:

Improve system and network availability
Remove constraints to growth
Increase operator productivity
Ensure more consistent operating procedures





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