Cucumber and Calabash – IOS Automation

Hello guys !

I will teach how configure the cucumber and calabash in your mac and some others issues that I had when I set up cucumber. Write this commands in the terminal and inside of the project’s folder.

– First you have to install and update the rvm and ruby stable in your mac:

\curl -sSL | bash -s stable –ruby

– Uninstall others ruby and Clean the rvm if needed

sudo rvm uninstall 2.0.0

sudo rvm cleanup all

– Use the last stable version of the ruby

sudo rvm get stable

– Search in the list the latest version of ruby

sudo rvm list known

– Install the ruby

sudo rvm install 2.1.2

– Let the last version Default

rvm –default use 2.1.2

– And install cucumber

sudo gem install cucumber

– and calabash-cucumber

sudo gem install calabash-cucumber

– Create the folders of the cucumber

sudo calabash-ios gen

– In the folder of the X-code project

sudo calabash-ios setup

Just remember to install the calabash on Workspace, not on the Project.

Maybe you will have to install pods and other things of your project, like here I had. After that you can generate the build of the calabash of your project, but remember you have to change the target the project to YourProject-cal.

I had some problems, like to calabash to find the folder of the app’s build. And I just edited the line of APP_BUNDLE_PATH inside the 01_launch.rb in the folder features/support and put the full path where the app is.

– To test if the configuration is ok, just write in the terminal > inside project’s folder


If you have any problem, just comment below. In next steps I will show how you can run the tests and functions in general.

Bye πŸ™‚

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