Swipe and Drag – Calabash iOS and Android

Hi guys !!
I am writing examples of swipe and drag on mobile devices with calabash today. Some methods that you can use to test, these drags have the same action as the swipe. (If for some reason the swipe don’t work)
  def swipe_page_to_left
    performAction('swipe', 'left')

  def swipe_page_to_right
    performAction('swipe', 'right')

  def scroll_to_right
    performAction('drag', 90, 0, 50, 50, 50)

  def scroll_to_left
    performAction('drag', 0, 90, 50, 50, 50)

def scroll_to_up
   performAction('drag', 88, 80, 90, 90, 5)

 def scroll_to_down
    performAction('drag', 70, 10, 80, 0, 3)

Change to down, left or right:


If you have some question or suggest just write below !
Thank you 🙂

9 thoughts on “Swipe and Drag – Calabash iOS and Android

    1. Hi Aman,

      I used to use drag. But you need to know the position on the screen to use the same x and y.
      performAction(‘drag’, 90, 0, 50, 50, 50)
      performAction(‘swipe’, ‘left’)

      For IOS you can use:
      scroll(“element_query“, :right)
      swipe :left, {:’swipe-delta’ => {:horizontal => {:dx => 375, :dy => 0}}}

      and change the x, y and the direction that you want swipe.

      Let me know if it worked.

  1. Scrolling down with drag isn’t working for me. I need to pull down the application screen by more than half length of the device.

      1. Already found the way. I leave an example:

        swipe(:left,:query => “SPWebView”,:force => :strong)

        Thanks for your tips!

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