Why do we need to have a QA separated environment ?

  • If QA is using a dev environment, that environment is likely changing. It is hard to control the state of the environment with multiple people working against it.
  • Typically, QA environments mimic more closely production environments than do development environments. This helps ensure functionality is valid in an environment that is more production-like.
  • Developers tend to have lots of tools and things running in their environment that could affect QA validation.
  • You usually setup a separate QA environment, because you want to give the testers an isolated environment on which to test, so that developers and testers can work at the same time.
  • This allows reporting on a common revision so developers know whether particular issues found by testers has already been corrected in the development code.
  • Face the distinct possibility of releasing critical defects to customers because it’s not testing in a real-world environment.
  • The test team won’t see the issues when the environment is not the same because the playing field, so to speak, is not even.
  • Testing on a qa environment provides a more accurate measure of performance capacity and functional correctness
  • As Web applications become more mission-critical for customers, it becomes increasingly important to test on environments that exactly mimic production because it’s production where customers use your application




3 thoughts on “Why do we need to have a QA separated environment ?

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