Research – QA process

Hey guys, I sent a form with some questions about the QA process in different corporations and I will post the result here, it’s interesting to know how the majority is working nowadays ūüôā

  • Which moment do you create your scenarios (validation tests) ?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 16.45.10

  • 80% – Create after “In conversation” when the ticket is Ready for development¬†
  • 20% ¬†Create when the ticket is¬†in development
  • 0% Create when the ticket is Ready¬†for QA







  • As a tester have you been involved in meetings about business rules¬†of a ticket or just the PO ?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 17.16.03

  • 20% – Just the PO is involved and I need to read the tickets to understand the business rules
  • 60% –¬†I take part¬†with devs and after we point the ticket
  • 20% I take part¬†since the ticket’s creation with the PO





  • Do you have a brief explanation or demo about what the ticket¬†is about ?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 17.20.21

  • 0% – I have a demo before test the ticket
  • 0% – PO explains to me what the ticket is about
  • 20% –¬†Dev explains to me what the ticket is about
  • 60% – I have a meeting in the¬†beginning¬†of the sprint to know what the ticket is about
  • 20% –¬†PO and dev explain to me the ticket






  • When you do the regression tests, do you test the integration between the platforms ?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 17.27.49

  • 40% – I test the integration between the related platforms
  • 0% –¬†Other
  • 60% –¬†I test just the platform which will be released





  • Have you ever performed¬†the regression tests before the tickets be resolved ?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 17.31.01

  • 60% –¬†Yes
  • 40% –¬†No








  • Do you have a staging environment to test each single ticket¬†?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 17.33.11

  • 40% –¬†No
  • 60% –¬†Yes







  • Do you have an¬†UAT¬†environment to test¬†the group of tickets of¬†each release ?

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 17.35.18

  • 40% –¬†Yes
  • 60% –¬†No







  • When you have tickets to be tested together…

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 17.36.57

  • 60% –¬†You are notified by the developer
  • 0% –¬†Other
  • 40% – It’s written on the ticket to be tested together with another(s) ticket(s)





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