Audio Test Automation – Citrix (GTAC 2016)

Hey guys, today I will share the slides about the Audio Tests on Citrix – GTAC 2016:


Audio Quality Tests and the current challenges, presenting Dan Hislop and Alexander Brauckmann from Citrix.


Some products from Citrix.


Many challenges we need to face with audio tests: We have limited number of audio test experts, manual audio tests are cost, some scenarios are hard to manual simulate.


Always improve the quality of the sound that you are receiving and sending. You can live with poor video quality, but you can’t with a poor sound quality. If you miss a key word, you will not understand the context.


The Audio Test Pyramid shows what you need to start testing. Following this, first test if you are able to receive the audio (Pipes are connected), then check if you are receiving the audio (Water is flowing through the pipes) and the last step is test the quality of the sound (If you can drink this water).


This is how to improve the quality of the audio automation, sharing the common libraries for the client teams, so they are able to test different scenarios.


Here you have all the key components: You have the audio data, which will be injected into the first client. Then, you have the second client which will capture the audio from the first client and compare the sound quality between the input and the output.


Here you can see all the various platforms you need to test the clients. The input and the output are commons, but the transition of one client to another will make sure the audio is stable on different environments.


The client upload the audio files to the service and in the end fetch the quality results.


Depending of the MOS score, you are able to confirm the quality of the audio. This score compares the sent and the received audio.


Type of the audio tests you can perform: Frequency Analysis, Speech Presence and Amplitude Analysis with different types of voices, will give you more confidence that the audio works with various voices (kid, adult, women, men, etc).


You can watch the demo here, it will start at 5h 13m 11s:

Thank you GTAC 2016 and Citrix professionals for sharing this !

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