How can you relate software development phases to test life cycle ?

Hi guys, today I will expose the differences between Software Development Cycle and Software Test Life Cycle.


Phase SDLC – Software Development Life cycle STLC – Software Test Life Cycle
Requirements Gathering Gather as much information as possible about the details & specifications of the desired software from the client. This is nothing, but the Requirements gathering stage. QA team identify types of required testing and review the requirements for logical functional integration between features, so that any gaps can be caught at an early stage.
Design Plan the programming language. Which would be suited for the project, also some high-level functions & architecture. Test planning phase, high level of test points. Time to align the QA scenarios with requirements.
Coding Development It is built stage, that is nothing but actually code the software Create the QA scenarios here.
Testing Test phase, now you test the software to verify that it is built as per the specifications given by the client. Test Execution and bug reporting, manual testing, automation testing is done, defects found are reported.
Deployment Deploy the application in the respective environment Re-testing and regression testing is done in this phase. Here you can test the integration with different versions of different components and check the behaviour of the system.
Maintenance Basically, it includes, post production / deployment support & enhancements. Maintenance of the test plan and scenarios. Any other improvements should be done here.


Why QA should be involved since the beginning ?








Life Cycle Models



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