Docker – Courses

Hey guys, today I will post a link for you that are interested to learn docker. You can register yourself and follow the steps. It is really easy to understand all the usage and how to create/run containers.


But why should I use Docker ?

Remember when you need to create all your data before you run your automated tests ? So, with Docker you don’t need to code this part anymore, you just need to build an image automatically with all the basic data you need for the tests.

If your tests are creating the data upfront via API, you won’t be able to test this part anymore. But now your tests will be focused on the main goal of your project. Also, you will avoid all the data creation instability issues.

For instance, let’s say you have an UI automation and you need to create some users as a prerequisite to test the sort of those users. You will save time not coding this part, not waiting for the server response, so the test will be independent from the API calls and more focused, you will save time while executing, your repository is kept up-to-date with code changes automatically.

Give it a try:

Thank you guys !

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