Quick review of Testproject.io

Hello guys,

I had a look on a test automation platform called TestProject.io this weekend. The idea is very interesting, it is a free e2e test automation for web, mobile and API that is supported by the community.

Here are some insightful points:

  • It is completely free, so more people contributing
  • Cross platform, you can test mobile (iOS and Android), web and API
  • Easy deployment as it is integrated with Slack and Jenkins
  • All the tests are stored in the cloud and you can share across your team
  • No need to worry about keeping SDKs, libraries and tools up to date, as TestProject is responsible for that
  • Forget about spending hours to config the framework
  • Your team doesn’t need to know coding
  • Reports are great and insightful
  • UX was really well planned, but still lots of clicks to create/update a scenario
  • Ability to create addons using open source libraries
  • It is built using Selenium and Appium

For a free tool it is above the expectations as it has the CI/CD integration, deep reports and great collaboration, so not surprised why big companies like Wix, IBM are using this tool. It is fully integrated and hassle free, you save so much time that you can focus only on the important part, the scenarios that your regression pack is going to have.

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