Quality? Who Cares?

Steve Watson - Musings of a Test Manager

A few weeks ago I was really fortunate enough to be involved in delivering a Unicom talk on Quality, followed a week later by a round table talk which I hosted, and was set up by Billy Senior.

The topic of Quality is something that intrigues me in the context of software engineering. Most of my career has been dedicated to checking whether the work of someone else does what it is meant to do, and doesnโ€™t do something that it shouldnโ€™t. It sounds bizarre when you think of testing as just that โ€“ we are validating that a software engineer has written code that meets the requirements and expectations of an individual or group of individuals.ย 

But quality is not just about testing to see if something works as it should โ€“ plenty of things โ€˜workโ€™, but the experience is awful, or it takes a long time toโ€ฆ

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