How to set a list of jmeter properties with a list of jmeter variables

Hey guys, today I will post about a quick code to set properties in runtime from jmeter variables.
Where you could use this ?
If you have a list after extract with json path extractor and you want to set a property to use in another thread group, this could be useful.
For example, I will get the serials of a list extracted with json path extractor.
– Create a beanshell script with:
//Get the count of the serials
String countSerials = vars.get("serials_matchNr");

// create a for to create a property for each serial variable
for(int i=1;i<Integer.parseInt(countSerials);i++){

   //set each property + index with the variable of each serial in the list

Thank you guys ! See you next week 🙂