Hello world!

Hello, as well as the entire first program we do, this initial post has the same goal.

To begin, you must learn the logic, so they can learn a language.

We will not stick to any language now, so I will get a brief explanation of what we do to understand a program.

First, understand the language they’re seeing.
Second, you must follow the sequence correctly, because any misstep you miss the whole program.
Third, when you are in an early tip is to make the flow chart explaining all the flow you are following.

A sample program written in C:

# Include “stdio.h”                              / / include the library
# Include “conio.h”                            / / include the library

void main ()                                         / / main function where the program starts
clrscr ()                                                / / Clears the screen
printf (“Hello World! “)                  / / Display message on screen

To start and open the blog is just that.

Good luck to us all!

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