Setting objectives when investing

What’s your goal when investing? buy a home, pay for college, provide a nest egg for the future? based on these answers, you can set a direction for your time and money that should keep the money invested as well.

The longer you have to reach your goal, the greater the risk, the longer the period, the less need for liquidity (liquidity is how quickly an investment can be converted into cash, that is, the higher the liquidity, the faster to convert the cash investment)

What are the risks? The risks depend heavily on the concept that each has about the same. But in general, not worry with all the fluctuations in the prices of investments. If you are more prepared for these fluctuations, invest in stocks as riskier equities.

How to make your money grow? The power that has the interest on your investments will make your money grow without any effort on your part, unless the saving. This situation favors and more countries with high interest rates, like Brazil. Not only the amount you invest that makes a difference, but also the frequency at which you apply the money.

Save your money to invest in something, it means open hand to present a spending spent more in the future, to have this attitude, you can win a battle, showing that their goal is achieved despite the obstacles.

Good start for all investment !

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