Help to energy industry won’t be cheaper

In my last class of conversation of my course, there was a Japanese guy who told me that he would like to visit Brazil. I just told to him that he have another places better to visit. He didn’t understand and asked me the reason that I don’t like my country. So, I will tell about one reason and avail the news that I saw in a site.

Lately in Brazil, we are having a problem with dry weather. Everyday the temperature here is very high and it isn’t raining the sufficient to supports the number of air conditioners turned on and the other spends with energy.

Even more, we have elections this year and the Brazil Cup. Yeah, the politicians don’t want stay with a bad image…. Really… This year will occurs many things with interest politic.

OK, with theses informations I think we can continue.

Brazil decreased the value of the energy in 2012 and now it have to increase again to support this lack in industries or it can increase the value of petrol on Petrobras. BUT… if it do this, the people won’t like of ways that government is trying control the situation because will occur a inflation with the prices…  So, for this reason the politics won’t increase any prices and Who will pay the debts with the energy ?

The people’s money ! Yes, the public safes… We will pay the selfish particular interests of politicians… like always here in Brazil. But not everyone here in Brazil will be injured. The most people will be injured is the people who works and don’t need of “Bolsa Família”, a Brazilian program whose pays a salary to the poor people with a lot of kids…
After the elections, the politicians will have to inflate the prices or not… I really don’t know but anyway the people will pay in the end. Future of Brazil is this… will deteriorate more and more… because of ignorant people, a lot of corrupt politicians. In fact, I think the people will finish with everything in this world. Yes, a pessimist (or realist) thought.

But here in Brazil the people don’t know anything and they want keeps in their ignorance.. They like the ignorance.. it is a bless !

Or.. they think that they know something… I think this is the worst type of person !

Median Class supports Brazil in its shoulders (:

Haha, just my opinion… I am not cursing anyone xD


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