Calabash-Android Install Example Project

Hello guys,

Today I will post about install calabash-android in your machine. And for this I will use the project sample of this git repository:

You can do the download too if you don’t have a project neither an apk file.

Download and install ruby and RVM:

\curl -sSL | bash -s stable --ruby
rvm install ruby 1.9.3
Install calabash-android:
sudo gem install calabash-android


Install bundler unless you already have it installed:

gem install bundler

(or sudo gem install bundler)

Install gems in the Gemfile:

bundle install


To run the iOS tests, make sure Xcode 5.1 is installed with command line tools.


bundle exec cucumber -p ios


To run the Android tests, ensure a recent Android SDK is installed, and that

  • environment variable ANDROID_HOME is set to point to the sdk folder, for example/Users/krukow/android/adt/sdk

PS: This an example of a project with generated key and certificates, so you don’t need assign the app.


bundle exec calabash-android run prebuilt/Android-debug.apk -p android

This example you must to install bundle too. If you have any question or comment, just write below. Thank you again 🙂



3 thoughts on “Calabash-Android Install Example Project

  1. when I put “bundle install” in console I receive “Could not locate Gemfile”. What I must do?

    1. Hello Geld !!
      How are you ? I have some questions to answer you:

      Did you install the bundle ?
      If Yes : Did you clone the repository ?
      If Yes: You have to run this command inside the project’s folder… In my case:

      Desktop/Rafaela/Estudos/x-platform-example rafaelasouza$ bundle install

      And it will work 🙂 Let me know if you got it !

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