Basics gestures for calabash-android

Hi guys, today I will post just some basics and very basics commands from the Calabash android API (0.5.5):

– tap_mark(“query”)

– touch(“query”)

– double_tap(“query”)

– perform_action(“touch_coordinate”, center_x, center_y)

– perform_action(“double_tap_coordinate”, center_x, center_y)

– long_press(“query”, options)

– drag (“query”)

– pan_left(options)

– pan_right(options)

– pan_up(options)

– pan_down(options)

– pan (“query”)

– flick_left (options)

– flick_right (options)

– flick_up (options)

– flick_down (options)

– flick (“query”)

– flash(“query”)

– pinch_out (options)

– pinch_in (options)

– pinch (“query”)

– find_coordinate (“query”)

– tap_when_element_exists (“query”)

– long_press_when_element_exists (“query”)

– query_result? (“query”)


See you on Wednesday !


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