Create xml with shell script

Hi guys,

Today I will post a shell script that I am using to test a webservice. If you need a xml to test the performance of the server/webservice with Jmeter or if you just need generate a lot of xmls to make any type of test, this example can be useful.

In this code you can generate xmls and change some tags as id, date, etc…

# Written by rafazzevedo

defaultpath="/User/" #Change this for the path where you want the files stay

echo "What do you want generate ?"
read element

echo "How many files ?"
read filescount
#Creating the subdirectory for each element and removing the existing folder
if [ ! -d $element ]
mkdir "$element"
rm -r "$element"
mkdir "$element"


dateformat=$(date +"%m/%d/%YT%H:%M:%S")

for (( i=0;i<$filescount;i++ )) do

exec 3>temp.xml #Creating temporary file

#HEADER (Common for all xmls)
echo '&3'
echo ' xmlns:cpi="" >' >&3
echo " http://localhost:9999/$element$i" >&3
echo ' Title' >&3
echo " $dateformat" >&3
echo ' ' >&3
echo ' Rafaela Azevedo' >&3
echo '' >&3
echo '' >&3
echo " " >&3

case $element in

echo ' Content Test' >&3
echo ' ' >&3

echo '' >&3
echo '' >&3
echo ' NOAAs National Weather Service' >&3
echo '' >&3
echo '' >&3


echo '' >&3
cp ./temp.xml ${element}/$element-$i.xml #Copying the temporary files
rm ./temp.xml #Removing the temp files


echo "Created xml files"

It is helping me a lot lately , I do not need spend a lot of time doing some complex code or generate these files manually. I hope this helps you too .

If you have any suggestion or question, write a comment bellow 🙂

Thank you guys !

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