Google Cloud Summit 2023

Hey guys !

Last week I joined the Google Cloud Summit 2023 and watched some sessions. The main goal of the conference was, of course, to do a bit of marketing on Google AI and Google Cloud, but was also interesting to see ideas on how you can use AI in different areas.

The event has ended, but you can still watch the sessions on demand, you might need to register your email tho.


For an overview on Google AI and to see what Google is offering then I suggest starting with this video:

Sessions and Demos

My favourite demos and sessions from the conference:

You can also check this interesting Balancing your Database page where you can select the best relational database between Cloud SQL and Cloud Spanner according to the different traffic patterns.

Learning paths

And to conclude you can also see some of the learning paths for the careers you can achieve, you can enroll for free in any of the courses they provide: