Second script with Velocity (VM)

Hi guys, Today I will post another example of VM template, sorry for not to post something new, but I’ve got flu this week, I am feeling like a zombie 😦

This example is more complete and I have tested, so it is working 😀 I just made some changes to print the result with the values and the template. We have get and set methods, the vm template in html and the class to set the values and merge the template.

– Create the get and set customer class:

package test;
public class Customer {

    String customerNumber;
    String name;
    String address;
    String city;
    String state;
    String zip;
    String phone;

    public String getCustomerNumber() {return customerNumber;}
    public void setCustomerNumber(String s) {customerNumber = s;}
    public String getName() {return name;}
    public void setName(String s) {name = s;}
    public String getAddress() {return address;}
    public void setAddress(String s) {address = s;}
    public String getCity() {return city;}
    public void setCity(String s) {city = s;}
    public String getState() {return state;}
    public void setState(String s) {state = s;}
    public String getZip() {return zip;}
    public void setZip(String s) {zip = s;}
    public String getPhone() {return phone;}
    public void setPhone(String s) {phone = s;}

– Create a customer search class which will set the values and merge with the template:

package test;
import org.apache.velocity.Template;
import org.apache.velocity.VelocityContext;
import test.Customer;

public class CustomerSearch  {
    public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { 

     CustomerSearch cs = new CustomerSearch(); 

     StringWriter writer = cs.getTemplate(); 
    public StringWriter getTemplate()  {

        Template template = null;
        StringWriter writer = new StringWriter();
        Customer customer = getCustomer();
        VelocityContext context = new VelocityContext();
        try  {
            context.put("customer", customer);
            template = Velocity.getTemplate("src/customer.vm");
            template.merge(context, writer); 
        }  catch( Exception e )  {
          System.err.println("Exception caught: " + e.getMessage());

        return writer;

    private Customer getCustomer()  {
        Customer customer = new Customer();
        customer.setName("Joe JavaRanch");
        customer.setAddress("123 Rancho Javo");
        customer.setCity("Bueno Ranch");
        return customer;

– After, create the vm template html:

<head><title>Customer Search Results - $customer.customerNumber</title></head>
<body bgcolor="#faf7f1">
    <h1>Customer information for customer number $customer.customerNumber</h1>
    <b>Name:</b> $<br>
    <b>Address:</b> $customer.address<br>
    <b>City:</b> $<br>
    <b>State:</b> $customer.state<br>
    <b>Zip:</b> $<br>
    <b>Phone:</b> $<br>

Cheers guys !


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